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If you are an independent booking agency, producer, singer-songwriter, or band and you are searching for a highly motivated, dedicated, and thoughtful publicity and promotion agency? You might consider contacting JohTheMa promotions in the Netherlands.

As to publicity and promotion activities, JohTheMa Promotions is focused primarily on bringing national and international independent singer-songwriters and bands in the Alt-country, Americana, Roots rock, Blues, Soul or American folk-rock scene into the BeNeLux. JohTheMa Promotions secondly focuses on Independent record labels that did sign singer-songwriters and bands in the aforementioned music genres.

What we are saying is that we get particularly happy with good acts, good music, exciting concerts, and exciting cultural events that deserve our dedicated attention. We are doing this in our way. Our core values are quality over quantity (only a limited number of promotional campaigns at the same time); sincere enthusiasm and a personal approach.

About JohTheMa

Photo by Wies van Luijtenaar

JohTheMa Promotions is Jan Janssen. JJ is a highly motivated and committed personality who has realized extensive and complex engineering projects in an industrial, technical environment.

JJ is a result-orientated innovator. He is an honest and clear communicator who can motivate people. He not only defines goals, but he will realize them too. He is a creative designer and a sourcing researcher in one.

JJ is the general manager, designer, and owner of the music blog Real Roots Café. Real Roots Café supports independent musicians by filling in the role of a powerful online voice to reach the ears of music fans and the music industry.

Publicity and promotion

Ask yourself: “Do I have a plan or should I make on?”

JohTheMa Promotions offers artists or events related to print, online, and radio promotion for the Benelux. Each publicity and promotion campaign will be individually designed and supervised according to our improvement philosophy. In collaboration with artists, the management, or record companies we create a publicity and promotion concept. Since nobody is the same we offer to do this in several individual variations. We guarantee a precise and transparent publicity and promotion campaign concerning printed press, online magazines, blogs, local, regional, and national radio stations in the Benelux.

Of course, JohTheMa Promotions will stand by the music they promote. The music must have a high-quality level and has to be remarkable and innovative. We want to listen to and evaluate your music first. You can send links to sound files like Spotify, YouTube, or even your EPK through e-mail.

In other words, time to step out and fly on the radar instead below of it. So if you think JohTheMa Promotions is your partner for getting it done, just contact us.

Real Roots Cafe LIVE tickets

Zondagmiddag 18 oktober 2020, Mercy John

Reservering Mercy John in Grand Café De M’ooije Waard aan Sint Willibrordstraat 20 in Millingen aan de Rijn.

Zondagmiddag 18 april 2021, Mattanja Joy Bradley

Reservering Mattanja Joy Bradley in Grand Café De M’ooije Waard aan Sint Willibrordstraat 20 in Millingen aan de Rijn.

What clients say about Jan Janssen

Jeffrey Halford

Jeffrey Halford


Jan is the real deal, no bullshit, he follows through and always goes the extra mile. I’ve been very happy working with A pro like him.

Jenny van West

Jenny van West


As a songwriter and touring artist my mantra is “underpromise and overdeliver” so as to always leave people satisfied. I was thrilled to work with Jan on the release of my album Happiness to Burn (April 2018) because this is how he also operates. As a newbie to the Benelux and to Europe generally, Jan helped calibrate my expectations as well as working tirelessly and successfully with heart and professional acumen to establish my music in new territory. I look forward to touring with his support and to working together on future releases.

Shane Alexander

Shane Alexander


Jan is a dear and trusted friend. Our relationship began in 2005 when he reviewed my 1st record for Real Roots Cafe and we connected via MySpace – leading directly to my first international tour and record deal. Jan has his finger on the pulse of Holland and Germany, exceptional taste in music, and tirelessly supports hardworking artists!