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May I introduce to you the new “kid in town” on the JohTheMa PROMOTIONS roster? Josephine Johnson knocked on my door in early fall 2020 to make a PR plan for the release of her new EP “Double High Five” which will have an EU release on September 10th, 2021. Proud that I may help Josephine gain a musical foothold on European soil.

“I’m not 25, I’ve never been married, I put myself through school, and I book my own shows–I’m the roadie, the writer, the singer, doing exactly what I want to do,” says indie-folk artist Josephine Johnson. Her latest, Double High Five, is an EP of empowerment and healing.”

Josephine has been going so much that she doesn’t have a fixed residence. She pays rent on an apartment in Nashville, but since 2018, she’s been gigging and teaching music throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and California. To date, Josephine has issued three full-length albums. In 2020—despite the COVID-19 pandemic—Johnson still played 220 shows throughout the southeastern United States.

A literate lyricist with a MA in English from Humboldt State University, Josephine’s vocals are pure whiskey and honey—a melding of unvarnished soulfulness and sweet melodicism. She’s also a subtly virtuosic tenor ukulele player.

Double High Five is a unique release in her oeuvre in that it dips her folkie compositions in the otherworldly atmospherics of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sovine (Ashley McBryde, Fox Brothers, Alice Wallace) who arranged, co-produced, and played electric guitar, omnichord, and slide guitar on the 6-song EP. Mike Kapitan (film and TV composer, former Thomas Dolby sideman) mixed and mastered Double High Five.

The EP is loosely themed around an ill-fated relationship, but it never wallows in self-pity. The title track exudes a gospel sense of musical uplift fortified by the self-soothing flow of the lyrics. Josephine sings:

Here’s a hug for your soul for all those times you found yourself at a dark crossroad/C’mon shine your light let it show which way is gonna bring you home/Whoa oh oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh oh/Raise a glass you’re on the path let it shine whoa you’re almost home.”

The song grapples with a cruel breakup scenario. “What I wanted most was that guy to say, ‘Josephine, you’re doing great, and I see you’re working really hard at making music your thing.’ You know, a little love and kindness. I wrote this song to give myself a musical pat on the back,” she says.

Other EP standouts include the quaintly pastoral instrumental “In The Field,” and the Sam Phillips’ tune “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us.” “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us” is reimagined here as an old-timey feminist anthem cloaked in a vibey dark and gritty production.

Johnson’s breakthrough album, The Spark, released in 2018, also features her distinctive blend of soul, country, and folk in a cohesive and earnest album. Arranged by famed producer John Vanderslice and keys player Rob Shelton, The Spark showcases Johnson’s characteristic vocals, her Mainland tenor ukulele backed by warm horns, real keys, lap-steel guitar, and classic folk and country instrumentation.

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