Happy release day Banty Holler Journeyman Songs

JohTheMa PROMOTIONS is proud to present to you the first full-length album Journeyman Songs by Banty Holler. “The story about some guys who never quite breakthrough but are always chipping away at it. The mood is a little worn-down and world-weary but also celebratory of the life and work of journeymen musicians,” Neile H. Coe III. Release day Friday, September 10th, 2021.

Banty Holler is an Americana duo consisting of Neile H. Coe on flat top & vocals and Gijsbert Diteweg on dobro & lap steel. Gijsbert is a veteran of the Rock and Roots scene and a guitar teacher based in The Hague. He grew up in rural Westland and studied psychology at Leiden University, only to go all-in on a music career. Banty Holler is the brainchild of Neile H. Coe III, who grew up outside of Chicago listening to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Later he fell in love with the music of Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, and Chuck Berry. He came to Holland as a young teenager and it was “adios basketball, hello skunk and Hertog Jan at Café Cremers in The Hague”

Is Banty Holler just a couple of journeymen musicians or something more? They do have a pure musical vision and mission: “We think we are too long-in-the-tooth to have ambitions of major success in the entertainment business. Being a great little bar band that can move people on any particular musical note is what we strive to do. And continuing to learn and grow as musicians, technically and spiritually, that’s what’s it’s about for us.” Who knows, this album has breakthrough potential, maybe they will be journeymen no more?

Here is another great song premiere of Banty Holler’s new album called “Grass”, which was also is released today on Spotify.

Neile about the song: “Grass is another song that fits into the journeyman concept of the album. Lyrically, it’s centered around the idea that your loved ones and the music you make allows you to overcome the drag of middle-aged journeyman life. The highlight of the song is Gijsbert’s high-octane instrumental outro so don’t fade that sucker out too early, DJs!

If you have a Spotify playlist there, don’t hesitate to add this fantastic song.

Banty Holler has been messing around in the roots genre for a few years now, touching upon Alt-Country, Folk, Blues, and Rockabilly. Half A Dozen (2016), Nothing Machine (2017), Tradition (2018), and Wired For Sound (2019) preceded new record Journeyman Songs. “Journeyman Songs is for all the weekend warriors and the bar bands and the old country and blues singers bouncing around, a little worn down and world-weary but playing their hearts out nonetheless.” This journeyman theme is the thread running through Banty Holler’s new record and puts it in a unique thematic space in the genre.

Neile wrote all the songs with the exception of the single George Jones cover: “Color of the Blues.” “George Jones is just the greatest. I love his singing, such a great combination of technique, tone, and soul! George Jones is maybe the greatest country singer and I was happy I could find my own way of doing one of his famous tunes. They say once Jones sings a song it stays sung but we took a swing at it anyway,” says Neile.

The independent music platform Mpodia did premiere the single of the Hague Duo Banty Holler “Clementine” (1700 views) on Friday 21 May 2021. The single has recently been released on Spotify, but the video gives you an ultimate insight into the current rural feeling where nothing has to be a grind, as long as you have a good self-image.

European Spring Tour 2021/2022

JohTheMa PROMOTIONS also supports Banty Holler’s BeNeLux and Germany tour 2021/2022. Please contact for terms, and conditions, etc. you can discuss via this LINK. Banty Holler is available for semi-acoustic performances for the Benelux all year. They are traveling light and are willing to open for bigger acts and are looking forward to playing on medium to small in and outdoor festivals, music café’s and clubs, and garden and living rooms. Check out the WYSIWYG video below and set your room on fire…