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New release Walk The Walk by STASH

Drummer and producer Joey Peters (Grant Lee Buffalo, Cracker), bassist, singer-songwriter, and producer Ted Russell Kamp (Shooter Jennings, Tanya Tucker), and guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer Rich McCulley (Geffen, Columbia) have formed the power trio, STASH, a true all-star band of the L.A. country and roots music scene! STASH is one of the finest and most soulful roots rock bands on the West Coast today. Their sound combines the road-tested richness of classic 70s country with a modern edge to make a timeless blend of Outlaw, old school country, and rock and roll.

Self-described as the British invasion meeting outlaw country, McCulley’s rock & pop-influenced guitar melds with Kamp’s cosmic California country influence and Peter’s alternative rock backbeat. Walk the Walk was recorded at Red Hill Recording (El Paso, TX), The Pop Garage (Topanga Canyon, CA), and The Den (Los Angeles, CA). Produced and engineered by all members of Stash, the record was mastered by Mark Rains at Station House (Echo Park, CA).

Stash played every note on the record themselves with the exception of Anna Maria Rosales who does harmony vocals on “Talk the Talk”. McCulley and Kamp are both multi-instrumentalists, who McCulley claims were like “Kids in a candy shop. If we had a sound in our heads, one of us could figure out how to play it.” Although his main instrument is guitar, he also played mandolin, harmonica, and keyboards. Kamp focused on bass and vocals, but also played guitar, keyboards, banjo, trumpet, and trombone. Along with his groovy drumming, Peters added any percussion instrument the songs needed. “This is our first record as a band,” noted McCulley. “It’s a cool synthesis of who the 3 of us are as musicians, songwriters, and friends.”

Listen HERE and order Walk the Walk HERE