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New single and amazing video Jump Off the Earth by Mickelson

Scott Mickelson approached the single release of his tenth full-length record on his 60th birthday. He reflects on his life as an artist and the time he has left to continue being one. “I’ve gotten to the point where I will not let anyone or anything slow me down or interfere with the momentum I’ve built. In “Jump Off the Earth”, I say there’s no time to waste. We must let go of the negative things we face and move beyond them. Or try at least – ha!”

He searched for a new upbeat song to write on the banjo. “The chorus riff was around for a couple of years then when I experienced an unpleasant incident in my personal life, I felt that I was wasting precious time ruminating over it. The lyric “Every minute is a minute gone.” came to mind and the rest of the song fell into place.”

He wrote and demoed the song in his studio in the Bay Area. When he toured the UK last February, he went into Earthworm Studios in Swindon, England which is owned by his keyboardist Jon Buckett. They had the opportunity to record the drums with their drummer Lee Moulding. This was the first time the three of them had ever worked together in the studio. In the previous single “Only Grey Matter Boiling In My Head”, everything was done remotely as they live on different sides of the ocean.

Mickelson about the amazing VIDEO

“My degree is in illustration and I had an earlier career as an illustrator and fine artist. This wave of AI visual applications fascinates me. I’m well aware that there is controversy with AI being used for writing, political ads, etc. but I see it as a creative tool not unlike ProTools or Photoshop. It all comes down to the person utilizing the technology. I was intrigued by Stable Diffusion in particular and envisioned a storyline to accompany the song “Jump Off the Earth”. I reached out to an animator in Germany named Soundfaenger and sent my outline and scene descriptions to him. We developed around thirty different scenes which I edited and put together in my video editor at home. I think it came out great and is the best music video I’ve ever released.”


EU Tour dates

  • SEP 8 FRI | Stadsherberg Helsdeur | Den Helder, Netherlands
  • SEP 9 SAT | Schoolhuis | Rijnsaterwoude, Netherlands
  • SEP 10 SUN | Cafe de Taverne  | Bergen, Netherlands
  • SEP 13 WED | Bonnefooi | Brussels, Belgium
  • SEP 15 FRI | Muziekcafé Scooters | Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • SEP 16 SAT | Cactus Cafe | Hengelo, Netherlands
  • SEP 17 SUN | Zum G’Leut | Thiersheim, Germany
  • SEP 19 TUE | MusicClub Schmölln  | Schmölln, Germany
  • SEP 21 THU | Hafenbar Tegel  | Berlin, Germany
  • SEP 22 FRI | Tankbar Nr.1 Biker Bar | Leipzig, Germany