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New video single Joy Ride by Marina Rocks

Endorsed by Godin Guitars, Winner Eddie’s Attic 51st Songwriter Shootout 2019 (previously won by John Mayer), Winner B.W.Stevenson Songwriting Competition 2016, was Kerrville New Folk Finalist 2013, and opening up for Joe Ely, Hayes Carll, Boston, and Deep Purple. I can read your thoughts… who the hell are you talking about?

Marina Rocks, born in Austin, Texas during a summertime heatwave. She arrived in this world smoking and has never cooled off. Her mom bought Marina’s first guitar. She played it till her little kid’s fingers bled. Then her mom bought her a Marshall stack! Her semi-autobiographical composition, “Shero” on her debut album Believe In Love (2012) reflects her deep feelings of love and gratitude for a parent`s support of a daughter`s dream. The indefatigable pursuit of the dream; the beat of a different drummer… are hallmarks of her strong work ethic. Just take a look at the face of the Godin guitar that she has beaten into submission. Giving up is not something that someone, as determined as Marina, does very often. It is simply not in her makeup. Marina is not merely a guitar slinger but is an award-winning songwriter… writing epic songs that paint stories about life & love. Some say her songs are alternative Americana because of the grit and edge. Some simply call them Marina`s songs. So don`t miss the artistry and excitement of Marina Rocks new single Joy Ride, because she is back.

Marina wrote played piano, B3 organ sang, and played drums on this song. On bass guitar Alex Rodriguez and on percussion Pat Manske. They recorded it Two-Fisted Pixie Studio in Houston, Texas, and was Engineered & produced by who else… Marina Rocks. The studio mix and master took plays in The Zone in Dripping Springs, Texas en was engineered by Pat Manske. De video was recorded and edited by Marina and she filmed it in Austin, Texas. the editing took place in the Two-Fisted Pixie Studio in Houston, Texas. So that’s a bunch of work Marina has put into. Just stick to the words above “giving up is not something that someone, as determined as Marina, does, it is simply not in her makeup.” In the meantime, this busy bee is working on her new record that will be due in March 2022.