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Old Salt share extravaganza lockdown video series

Slowly but surely we are straightening our backs and coming out of this terrible crisis. Before we stretch our wings, we already know which musical directions we want to go in. One thing this crisis has proven is that most musicians have become more creative and have grown tremendously. Just take a moment and check out Old Salt, an award-winning (2017 European World of Bluegrass Award) Americana band based out of Ghent, Belgium who have been dazzling audiences across Europe since 2015 with their unique blend of original and traditional songs. Their musical inspiration stems from the streets of New Orleans up through Appalachia to the folk revival of the North East USA and into Europe. Old Salt produces exciting arrangements that break the boundaries of their genre and brilliantly combine the different energies of a jam session, the concert hall, and the street to bring a modern folk sound with grit, dynamics, and virtuosity.

Old Salt is gearing up to share their nine-part video series “Lockdown Live-stream Session Extravaganza” This series takes highlights from sessions that were live-streamed back in April 2021 where each band learned songs and arrangements of the other. In a time where it was difficult to get together in the same space to play music, this was a very special moment for all involved. The result is a session full of improvisation amidst a sea of lamps, living room vibes, and a dream team of technicians. From now on, a new video of their live sessions will be online every 14 days. The first episode went live on November 5th, 2021, see video below. So the next video will be online on Friday, November 19th, 2021.

Just enjoy the ride and feel the naked intimacy of wonderful songs made by a band that makes music tangible in varying line-ups. Just SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube Channel and they will keep you posted at any time.