Ted Russell Kamp announce a new album

“I see you stare into the distance, wasting wishes on every falling star. But they’ll burn out just like a birthday candle. And you’ll wind up standing right back where you are” sings Ted Russell Kamp in the opening lines of his new video single My Girl Now. Timeless lyrics if you ask me.

Ted wrote these lines for his forthcoming, 13th full-length album “Solitaire” with Micky Braun (Micky & the Motorcars). The song was co-written several years ago and was included on their 2014 album, Hearts From Above. Ted’s version has a less twangy and more buoyant chorus, adding elegance to the song. The album release is set for May 7th, 2021. Support the artist and buy your copy of Ted’s new single HERE

Ted Russell Kamp will be on a European tour between February 9th until February 27th 2022. Please check your possible dates and contact Kurt de Bont at RootsTown Bookings.