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Banty Holler annonces new single Hit This Chord

Friday, April 15th, 2022 will see the new single release Hit This Chord by Banty Holler. The song is coming from Banty Holler’s record Journeyman Songs. The album was released on September 10th, 2021, and was extremely well received by the international press.

Neile H. Coe III about the song: “I was having some trouble navigating the day job, young kids and a stalled music career when I wrote this. Hit This Chord is about pushing your way through middle age as the gears get harder to grind and pleasure seems harder to find” These self-reflecting words came out and never left Banty Holler’s musical journey.

Too old to know what’s up
I’m too young to be washed up
So I’ll keep on keeping on
Singing these journeyman songs

The track is pushed along by Willem van der Tuuk’s clean and spanky Stratocaster and Janos Koolen’s driving clawhammer banjo as well as the superb rhythm section of Eric Kearns and Arthur Bont on bass and drums.