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Clients EPK

Welcome to our Electronic Press Kit (EPK). As the name suggests, here you can find online press kits that contain all information about our clients. It includes all the necessary elements for media to gain a well-rounded understanding of who our clients are and what they do. JohTheMa Promotions looks at the EPK as an online music resume that helps establish our client’s online presence and help them grow as an artist or a band. It is a simple way for media to know our clients, understand them, and connect with them.

JohTheMa Promotions makes sure to link Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and other platforms where our client’s music is published. We create secure, password-protected, downloadable sound, and show video content! We will let the media know who you are  and what you sound like!  JohTheMa Promotions includes professional clicks, headshots, and any original art that reflects your music. JohTheMa Promotions creates downloadable links to documents like biography, album release sheet (OneSheet).

In brief, JohTheMa Promotions knows that having an EPK is important because it reflects our clients, helps them network in the music space, and most importantly helps them score gigs. If you are a musician let us know how we can help you.