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Happy Release day Known To Be Unknown by Mickelson

Today singer-songwriter and producer Mickelson will release his fourth album Known To Be Unknown. Scott Mickelson is an artist and producer from San Francisco. His debut release Flickering was on the Grammy ballot for Best Folk Album and Best Roots Music Performance. His follow-up full-length A Wondrous Life received great reviews in the US and abroad which led to his first European tour in 2019. He produced the critically acclaimed Blanket The Homeless benefit compilation which included Grammy winner Fantastic Negrito. In 2020, Mickelson released Drowning In An Inflatable Pool to rave outstanding reviews in the U.S. and Europe. On November 19th, 2021 his new single/video UN-armed American premiered on Americana U.K. So his full-length album Known To Be Unknown will be released today.

Known To Be Unknown was written and recorded while in lockdown. Mickelson performs all the instruments with the exception of drums, cello, and horns. “It was depressing having to cancel my tours in support of Drowning In An Inflatable Pool (2020). Everyone suffered in the lockdown. Then I heard the McCartney III album I told myself to stop whining and get busy again. I soon wrote and recorded the song Go To Bed Hungry and never stopped.” Once again Mickelson focuses on cultural and political issues in the U.S. Most notably is the opening track UNarmed American which deals with the epidemic of gun violence and the lack of political will to fix it. “I knew other folks shared my view so I invited ten other local artists to add their voices. I was really happy with the track and I decided to also make a video.” Mickelson explains, “While touring, I began playing Unarmed American solo. It was really well received so I recorded it again as the closing track.” In A Murder Of Crows Mickelson writes about the heavily divided responses to Covid. He feels the U.S. has been reduced to two opinions. One is based on science, the other based on misinformation.

MoorsMagazine in the Netherlands about Known To Be Unknown: “The most remarkable song is UNarmed American, which opens the album, and for which he invited ten local artists who agreed with him about the reluctance of politics to tackle the gun problem, to sing along. He ends the album with an almost even more impressive acoustic version of the same song, and in between, I have listened to some nice songs, beautiful arrangements, often against hard rock.”

BluesTown Music in the Netherlands “The more you play ‘Known To Be Unknown’, the more you will enjoy it.”

Keys and Chords in Belgium. “Apparently, the lockdown has inspired a lot of artists, because Mickelson also wrote a lot of songs together in these difficult times. In his previous record, he gave a sneer at Trump. Now gun violence, the heavily divided changes to Covid-19, and the social aspects of daily life are the subjects. He, therefore, has a clear opinion on many subjects and does not shy away from the controversial. Not only does Mickelson diverge lyrically, but also musically he takes a hit. Banjo-influenced songs, electrified rock songs and an acoustic closing note form the basis for the release. And so, the turnaround is provisional for Scott Mickelson. ‘Known To Unknown’ is another excellent record. The nine songs contain all the musical ingredients needed to reach a wide audience. Highly recommended!”

Written In Music in the Netherlands. “An indescribable title by a fatalistic musician from California. Passionate harmonica licks and rocking riffs and a muscular combination of guitar and organ show us a combative go-getter.”

We are now booking a band tour in the Benelux and Germany to support the release. We are still open to ideas and live appearances and opportunities between September 26th and October 1st, 2022. Check out upcoming tour dates in July and September 2022 HERE

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