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Happy release day new EP LIVE in Room 13 by Old Salt

Today the award-winning Americana band, based in Ghent, Belgium OLD SALT will release their new EP, LIVE in Room 13. Old Salt has survived the Musical Apocalypse and is proud to announce the release of a five-song live EP recorded in Room 13 in Ghent, Belgium. This EP features timeless old songs whipped up in a new energetic light. Old Salt feels it represents much of what so many of us have been dealing with through this last year. Experiences like monotony, loneliness, hope and loss all the while confronting these themes as Old Salt does with a smile and a growl.

To support the release OLD SALT will be touring in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Old Salt is an international Americana band pulling their sounds from New Orleans, up through Appalachia, into old Europe. Good to know, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). They deliver above your highest expectations. Their live shows are extremely known for their passion and musical virtuosity in which they have a good sense of where your audience came for, namely enjoying honest live music in a great environment and ambiance. Check out the dates below.

19/02/2022 Saturday Het Groot Verzet Lint (BE)
20/02/2022 Sunday La Petite Fabriek Doornik (BE)
21/02/2022 Monday Bed ’n Blues Halen (BE)
22/02/2022 Tuesday Missy Sippy Gent (BE)
14/04/2021 Thursday De Centrale Gent (BE)
15/04/2022 Friday Dranouter Centrum (BE)
14/05/2022 Saturday Bühl Bluegrass festival (DE)
15/05/2022 Sunday Rorbas Switzerland
25/06/2022 Saturday Tiny Park Sessions Bij’ De Vieze Gasten Gent (BE)
01/07/2022 Friday Schlosskapelle Germany Malchin (DE)
03/07/2022 Sunday Sommersound Gelsenkirchen (DE)

More dates are following soon! Check for availability and open dates RootsTown Bookings (EU) or Atlas Agency (NL).